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Training for social/human services, educators, law enforcement and business
Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Informed Care lead a dynamic and diverse training catalogue
Professional enhancement and personal growth workshops
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Training Catalogue

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing Coaching Intensive Workshop (with colleague Marilyn Stein)

Motivational Interviewing for Judges and Hearing Officers

Motivational Interviewing for Use with Seniors

Motivational Interviewing Booster Workshops

Motivational Interviewing Train-the-Trainer

Adolescent Development

Adolescent Mental Health Issues and Intervention Strategies

‚ÄčAdolescent Offenders

Conducting Adolescent Groups                                                                             

Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender issues of adolescents

Working with Female Adolescents    

Bullying Awareness and Prevention

Blended Family Issues

Forming a Partnership with Parents

Family Day Planning

Getting Families to Utilize Resources

Single Parents

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma and Self-Care

Trauma-Informed Schools

Trauma-Informed Care of the Elderly

ACE’s Survey Administration

Agency Healing

Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution Among Co-Workers

Conflict Resolution with Your Public

Cultural Competency: Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Backgrounds


Diversity and Inclusion

Effective Supervising

Fun & Games (Employee Day)

‚ÄúGrowing into Yourself” (self-empowerment group)

Mindfulness for Professionals

Motivation & Empowerment Techniques

Re-igniting Your Passion for Your Work

Stress Management          


Time Management

Time Management of a High-Level Caseload

Taking Care of Yourself as a Helper

Clinicians and Social Media Use

Solution-Oriented, Strength-Based Casework

Solution-Oriented, Strength-Based Counseling

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Basic Counseling Skills


Setting Boundaries and Limits with Clients

Motivational Interviewing:

A Workbook for Change Agents


For ‚Äúchange agents‚ÄĚ with either a rudimentary or a more advanced knowledge of what Motivational Interviewing is and does
Provides increased understanding of and confidence in using this important evidence-based communication approach.
Practical exercises that allow for direct application.
Self-guided review and activity tool, or in a group setting facilitated by Motivational Interviewing Coaches and supervisors as a means to increase fidelity of this approach in professionals’ daily interactions with clients.

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